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Feel guilt and shame because you aren’t enjoying parenting as much as you thought you would?

You are not alone.  Parenting is hard and daily grind of caring for your kids – particularly newborns – can wear you out and leave you lying awake at night worrying that you’re failing.  Although you may have had an idea of what you thought parenting would be like, the reality often doesn’t measure up.  Sometimes you feel like you are drowning in it and sometimes it feels like you could burst with the love you feel for your children.  This is normal and totally okay!

Children bring great joy, great anxiety and a great big pile of work.  Whether this is your first child, a sibling, or you’re new to step-parenting, the transition can push your family to its limit.  I can help you work through the difficult emotions and process what this change means for you. In our work together, you will discover your parenting values are (not the values in parenting books, your doctor, your friends or your relatives) to create strategies that work for you and your family.


Office Visits: $150/60min
My home office is located at near Main and Danforth in east Toronto. Babies are always welcome!


Home Visits: $175/50min
Getting out of the house with young children when your mood is low can be tough. Sessions in your home are available for clients in Toronto.


Tele-Counseling: $150/60min
Phone and tele-counseling via Go To Meeting are available for clients who are unable to meet in person.


Daytime, evening, and weekend appointments are available.  Sessions are covered by many insurance benefits plans. Payments can be made via cash, cheque, e-transfer or credit card.



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